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Sidang Suap Bupati Madina

Surung Panjaitan, terdakwa kasus suap Bupati Mandailing Natal (Madina) diadili di Pengadilan Tindak Pidana Korupsi Medan. Sidang perdana tersebut digelar di ruang Cakra Utama PN Medan, Senin (19/8/2013). Surung Panjaitan tertangkap tangan KPK saat memberikan suap Rp 1 miliar kepada Bupati Madina untuk mendapatkan proyek pembangunan rumah sakit umum daerah penyabungan di Madina yang bersumber dari Bantuan Daerah Bawahan (BDB) dari Pemprov Sumut. Atas perbuatan itu Surung terancam lima tahun penjara. Berita terkait baca di sini. [Foto: Oryza Yati]


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    Hi Michelle! I found your blog this evening via the Compassion International weibste's blog. I'm so happy that I did. My family just selected our very first child last night and we are VERY excited about getting started with our sponsorship. I have been watching countless videos on YouTube about sponsorship and how much being a child of Compassion means to these kids. I'm already feeling so much love for my sponsored child Moses in Uganda and all I have seen is a photo of him and read a small paragraph about his life. My husband, stepson & myself are so happy to be able to welcome him into our family. I love the passion you have for your Compassion kids & I look forward to keeping inspired by reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time to post these encouraging notes. God bless you!

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